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    We seek support to intend a short project to  distribute daily essentials including dry foods and other daily consumption needs for families who have affected in locked down areas.  This foods distribution is today essential for families who are having daily and fluctuated incomes as they are helpless and no income at all in this difficult time

    Our main focus on improving living standards, community resilience, capacity building and social well-being of the households or any activities connected. In the present context, we expect to involve more on rehabilitation of mental and physical capacities of MSME sector entrepreneurs who are affected by covid-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka. Smallholder entrepreneurs and associated value-chain stakeholders have been directly impacted by the outbreak of the virus. Your support is sought to bring them back to their normal life.

    Your donation can save lives, communities and nature and change many forever. You can join with us to support needy people in needy societies.

    • Agriculture Development

    One of our key areas is development of agricultural value chain and encourage agribusiness among young groups including crop cultivation and livestock development.

    • Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Development

    Livelihood is a key factor of uplifting the rural mass and our aim is to provide livelihood development support with entrepreneurship creation

    • Social Empowerment

    It includes variety of community development activities related to health and sanitariness, climate change and risk mitigation, natural resources and animal protection